Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

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Our furry friends really know how to get us all tangled up in love, don't they? Between puppy-dog eyes, soft purrs, and gentle nose-bumps and whinnies, they grab our heart-strings and hold on tight. My little pup is a member of our family and as such (and because she's so cute) her portrait is all over our house. Pet portraits make wonderful gifts for new pet owners as well as those who've been longtime friends.

How it works:

First, choose your size and whether or not you’d like to include calligraphy. After you place your order, I’ll send you an email to get the ball rolling. 

I leave a generous border on all sides so that the subject of the painting will fit beautifully into any matting and frame. Again, though, this is your treasure; you let me know your preferences!

You’ll receive a scan of the of the pencil outline for approval and are given up to 3 rounds of revisions. If you requested calligraphy, the pencil outline approval will include placement for the lettering. Paintings currently ship 1-2 weeks within receipt of order. If you need it sooner, though, let me know!

If you don’t see an option you’re looking for, reach out and let me know! We can work together to create something perfect for you.

*Frame not included.

Shipping Note 

Once your package has been shipped, it is both literally and figuratively in the hands of the shipping agency. AKA is not responsible for delays or for lost, damaged, or undeliverable packages. That said, I will do what I can to help in cases of emergency!

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