Custom Wedding Watercolors


Wedding photos are priceless as they help us capture more of the day than we ever could on our own. (That things everyone tells you about your big day being a blissful blur? Totally true!) A painting turns the details captured in your photos into family heirlooms. 

Imagine being a young girl, growing up and seeing a painting from your mother’s (or grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s!) wedding. Seeing the soft flowers, the delicate lace gown, and the headpiece she loves to play dress-up with, all painted and hanging on the wall. Imagining herself as that beautiful bride, wearing some of those same treasures. There’s something empowering to you and inspiring to others about being immortalized in paint (just ask Mona Lisa).

Custom wedding paintings can inspire delight in the details from your ceremony, can preserve memories from vintage family weddings, and can make an incredibly thoughtful gift to a bride or member of the bridal party!