Custom Lifestyle Watercolors


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... everything else life has in store! There are so many milestones outside of marriage - in fact, a lot of them often come before marriage! - that deserve to be celebrated and honored. Graduations, birthdays, first house, new puppy... all are moments and memories to be treasured! 

Some of my favorite life moments include just about every day that my pup, Rory, rolls over on her back and waits for belly rubs, like in the picture above. She might actually wait like that forever! The times that Hal and I spend in the kitchen trying new recipes or recreating old favorites are precious to my heart, especially when we're making something that has special meaning or is an old family recipe passed down. And, of course, moving into our first home together and really getting to make it "ours" instead of just "his" or "hers" has been so much fun! 

Life is lived in the little moments of our everyday days. How cool would it be to save them and treasure them - for yourself and for your loved ones!