Current Obsession: Straw


Hal and I were out shopping recently and after about the 10th straw bag I picked up he casually observed, “You're obsessed with straw stuff right now." It's true. He knows my waves of obsession well (lookin' at you, tortoiseshell everything in the fall) and I won't apologize. Straw - raffia, wicker, sea grass, etc. - has always been classically coastal. But this season is bringing out more elevated iterations that I just can't get enough of. Even if I can't afford to book a stay at a private beachfront resort, at least I can look the part!

1) Raffia Bamboo Belt
2) Straw Block Heels
3) Rectangular French Basket
4) Wicker Hoops
5) Woven Mules (I own these - very comfortable and look much more expensive than they actually are!)
6) Raffia Hat

How do you feel about straw accessories?