Introducing: Georgia's Cherokee Rose!

watercolor cherokee rose painting georgia state botanical Anna Kay Artworks

The peach may be the well-known symbol of Georgia, but it may surprise you to know that the peach blossom is NOT the state flower! I’ve been a Georgia girl for 18 years now and I had no idea. In fact, the state flower is the lovely, delicate Cherokee Rose, a white-petaled climbing evergreen. This pretty thing is actually not native to the US at all - it was brought over from southern Asia and just took a liking to the warm, humid South! I love the gently ruffled petals - they remind me of a ballgown from a bygone era!

This print would make a charming addition to a Georgia home, a warm way to welcome newcomers, or a sweet sentiment at a send-off. And can you imagine a gallery wall including this Cherokee Rose, the Dogwood, and the Magnolia? Such a pretty white-and-green set!