Introducing: Fall Flowers!

Watercolor fall flowers goldenrod apple blossom state southern Anna Kay Artworks

In my mind, September is fall. Isn't doesn't matter that, technically, the autumn equinox doesn't happen until almost the end of the month. There are apples and decorative pumpkins in stores and cinnamon scents in the air: it's fall, y'all. Also, I just couldn't wait a minute longer to get my first batch of fall flowers out! These are great decor pieces or gifts for anyone as obsessed with fall as I am. :)

First up in stunning shades of warm golds is the state flower of Kentucky: the Goldenrod! This sunny stock is actually made up of dozens of tiny blooms that band together to look like autumn light. Goldenrod flowers at the end of summer through early fall - one beautiful farewell and welcome all together!

Goldenrod Metallic.png
Goldenrod Wood.png

While this next flower is not technically a fall bloom, it's the precursor to one of the most classic fall symbols - the apple! Apple Blossoms are the state flower of Arkansas, where they have been famous for their apples since the 1800s. The delicate white and pink blossoms of spring transform into the delicious apples of fall. Guess they are little reminders of fall all year long!

Arkansas Apple Blossom Metallic.png
Apple Blossom Wood.png

Both watercolor prints are available with or without your choice between three frame options and three calligraphy options.  They're printed on 8"x10" felted paper, which gives them the look of originals on watercolor paper. The frames are 11"x14" and require additional shipping time.

All photos by the sweet Lindsey LaRue Photography!