Introducing: Mississippi's Wood Duck!

Watercolor Wood Duck Mississippi State Bird Anna Kay Artworks

With August almost halfway through (?!?!), I'm trying to squeeze in as much summer goodness as I can. Mostly this means as much time by any body of water that's readily accessible (and buying my last few bottles of rose). Being in the water is one of summer's greatest joys, right? 

Well the newest fella to join the Southern Birds crew is a big fan of water himself; in fact, he's one of the most colorful water birds in North America! The jewel-toned Wood Duck is Mississippi's state bird, and he is one gorgeous guy. Loyal, too - Wood Ducks that are native to the South don't migrate, choosing to spend warm summers and relatively warm winters in the marshy Deep South.

The Wood Duck print would make any Mississippian a lovely housewarming gift or reminder of home. He'd also perfectly suit a lake-house and charm any guest there! With his rich coloring, he'll look great hanging in the summer all the way through fall. (I'm trying to hold in my fall love as best I can but I'm about to burst! May or may not have hit the Fall Market section at Michaels already...)

What are you doing to celebrate these last few weeks of summer?