Introducing: Louisiana's Brown Pelican!

Watercolor Pelican Louisiana State Bird Anna Kay Artworks

Remember when I mentioned how excited I was to get back to my desk? Well one reason was that I could continue working on my Southern Flowers and Southern Birds series. And here's the first result: the Brown Pelican!

If summer came in bird form it would be a pelican, don't you agree? Not to mention that this fella is the state bird of Louisiana, home of the Big Easy, which pretty much encapsulates our summer ideals: take it slow, drink it in, and live it loud!

Watercolor Louisiana Pelican White Frame Anna Kay Artworks.png

If you follow along on Instagram, maybe you saw (and participated in!) the recent polls I had about adding calligraphy to the Southern Flowers and Southern Birds paintings. Almost 100% said yes! Y'all were split about 50/50 when it came to having the bird/flower's name or the state added, so I added both! This Brown Pelican is currently the only one with that option, but don't you worry - I am working on updating the other listings quick as I can!

Watercolor Pelican Metal Frame Anna Kay Artworks

This gentle giant would be a lovely housewarming gift for a loved one in Louisiana (especially paired with their state flower, the Magnolia!), and he'd look just dashing in a beach house or warming up a sunroom. Wherever he lands, he'll bring the simply sweet reminder of summer.