Commission: The Mobleys (Custom Wedding Portrait)

Custom Watercolor Wedding Portrait Anna Kay Artworks

Summer in the South is hot, humid, and usually pretty buggy, which makes it the slow season for weddings. We're getting into the "dog days" now - when cicadas start buzzing at 7am because it's already 80 degrees and it's only gonna get warmer! And speaking of dogs, today's commission spotlight is on this darling couple who included their pup in their wedding! Is he not the cutest in his little blue bowtie and button-down harness? I can hardly stand it!

Custom Watercolor Wedding dog portrait Mobleys Anna Kay Artworks

I love that Mr. and Mrs. Mobley chose to make their fur-baby a part of their wedding day - they're family, after all! Weddings are such delightfully heartfelt affairs: you learn so much about what a couple loves and who they are at their wedding. And the Mobleys are clearly adoring puppy parents! And who couldn't be with that bearded little face?!

Have you attended a wedding with a dog as a guest of honor, or did you have a dog at your own wedding? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments!