We love-nder you! (free Mother's Day printable!)

Free Mother's Day Printable Watercolor Lavender Bouquet Anna Kay Artworks

Alright, punny is not my strong suit. But, when I was thinking about what flowers I'd actually like to give my mom, lavender sprang to mind as not only an elegant option (trip to France, anyone?) but also a practical one! Lavender is known to have calming qualities, which everyone could use more of around their home, and lends its delicate flavor well to baked goods and even cocktails!

In true procrastinator fashion, however, I came up with this brilliant idea a little late for sourcing/ordering. If you're in the same boat, don't worry! Even a card will go a long way in showing your gratitude (in addition to a gift, even if a little belated). A little lavender scent spritzed on it would be such a lovely detail. 

I tried to create an arrangement any elegant lady would love, from the timeless galvanized bucket to the simple-yet-statement-making gathered lavender. And I'm sharing it with you (of course - that's what friends do)! By saving the images below (right click > Save Image As), you can create a printable with a "happy mother's day" script or without it. That way, you have either a card or a small gift to frame and include in her celebrations! This piece would display beautifully in a kitchen, dining area, or even master bathroom.

I hope you - and your mama! - enjoy, and Happy (almost) Mother's Day to all you sweet mamas out there!

Mother's Day Free Watercolor Printable Lavender Bouquet Gift Anna Kay Artworks.png
Mother's Day Printable Lavender Bouquet Gift Card Watercolor Anna Kay Artworks.png

p.s. If you do print it, I'd love to see how you use it! Tag me on Instagram @annakayartworks.