Small Business Week: Studio Tour & Sale!

Small Business Week Studio Tour Home Decor Anna Kay Artworks

Hooray for National Small Business Week! If you're unfamiliar, this week is dedicated to recognizing the small business owners and entrepreneurs who propel our local economies - and keep things charming, to boot! There's such a wealth of creative, driven people out there and I love having the opportunity to discover more this week! Though my business is still in its fledgling stage (my one year anniversary was in April!), I wanted to hop in on the festivities, too, with a tour of my studio and a special Small Business Week discount code!

"Studio" always seemed like such a luxurious word, something reserved for people who either had several spare rooms or were incredibly successful artists. The dining room, sofa, or even floor seemed to work just fine. Except... it didn't. After lugging my supplies all over our condo, shoving them to the side when we ate dinner, and having Rory eat an eraser, Hal suggested that I turn our guest bedroom into a studio/guestroom combo. It felt so selfish at the beginning, but now that we have things set up, I find that Hal is just as likely to work in my studio with me rather than downstairs. And we've continued to be able to host houseguests, which was a big worry of mine!

Small Business Week Studio Tour1 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour3 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour4 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour5 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour6 Anna Kay Artworks

Having dedicated drawers and shelves, and (more importantly) a dedicated space to paint has also made a huge difference in my productivity. I can work on a project for as long or as little as I have time for without having to take into account the time it takes to pull supplies out and put them away - everything is easily accessible. Oh, and don't worry about those bare walls - there is a whole huge stack of art and photos just waiting for their frames so they can take their places!

Small Business Week Studio Tour2 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour7 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour8 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour8 Anna Kay Artworks
Small Business Week Studio Tour9 Anna Kay Artworks

And that's my workspace - where most of my creative work happens! (Unless there's an NCIS marathon on; then you'd better believe I'll be at the coffee table!) I'll link what I can below - you'll see that it's mostly IKEA and Wayfair! We wanted to have a finished studio space without breaking the bank, and it all looks so clean and modern! (Except my vintage-style drafting desk, which I love using!)

Without further ado, in honor of my studio being mostly done and of Small Business Week, please celebrate with me by taking 10% off prints and stationery with the code SMALLBIZ! Remember to shop small this week, and tell the people who run your favorite local gems how grateful you are for them!

Desk | Desk legs | Drawers | Cork board | Drafting Desk | Bar cart | Desk chairs | Sleeper sofa | Rug | Shelves (8 boxes) | Shelves (4 boxes) | Magazine holders | Storage boxes | Desk lamps