Gifts for All Kinds of Mamas!

Mother's Day Gift Guide Anna Kay Artworks

Is it a universal truth of adulting that time always flies? It feels like I was just talking about Valentine’s gifts and now we’re speeding into Mother’s Day! I’m not a mom of human kiddos yet so I can’t even imagine how quickly time must go by with daily changes and ever-rapid growing. Since that time does go by so quickly, let’s go ahead and get Mom’s Day on our radar!

I’ve pulled some fun gift ideas with a Southern flair that would work for your mom, your sister with kids, or your friends who are moms (or yourself, obviously!). You know the mamas in your life best, so I’ve split up my finds into a couple of different categories. (This was good research for my mama - no peeking, Mom!)

Planner Mama

This mama runs a tight ship because she has to! Between soccer practice, theatre meet-ups, birthday parties, and meal-planning, she’s got a lot to juggle and needs items that help her streamline or relax. Focus on pretty versions of practical things and decadent treats, but the best gift might be offering to take the kids for a bit so she can have a mani/pedi break!

They make the most comfortable slippers ever!

How cute is that mint julep cup??

Nature Mama

Whether she’s taking her kids hiking or stand-up paddle-boarding or carefully cultivating all her plant babies, this gal gets her relaxation time among green and growing things. Help encourage her favorite activities with cute but practical accessories she wouldn’t get herself, a gift card to her favorite plant nursery, or an annual pass to her nearest state or national park!

Beautiful AND practical!

Rosalynne Love, "Plant Lady" Mug

These are made in Savannah, GA and smell SO good!

Neighborhood Mama

You know the one – all the neighborhood kids get together at her house for hot-from-the-oven cookies and freshly-squeezed lemonade. She brings baked goods to all the new neighbors and makes a casserole, a salad, AND a dessert for the annual block party. If she has her own kids, their classes are well-stocked with birthday cupcakes and plenty of bars and pies for the bake sale. Shower a little love back on her with kitchen tool and accessory refreshes in colors just as warm and friendly as she is.

I have a few of these pieces and they are the BEST! Once you use them you can never go back to anything else!

Fur Mama

Her days are filled with dog kisses or kitty cuddles and they’ve left their furry paw prints on her heart. If she’s anything like me, she probably even vacations with her four-footed babies! Nice-to-haves that look great and make dog- or cat-mom life a little bit easier are winners, while something sentimental is a surefire way to make her feel appreciated.

You can customize the wood and hook colors!

Kinfolk of Mine candle, "Sleeps with Dogs"

The names are silly but these scents are fantastic.

Here's to celebrating and honoring all the sweet mamas in our lives!