Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Picture Frames

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We are getting so close to spring! My husband teases me that I'm never satisfied with the season we're in; I want to go on tropical vacations in the dead of winter and to the mountains in the summer, and I am always looking forward to whatever seasonal clothes I haven't gotten to wear in a year! But, really, I just adore spring and fall and wish those transitional periods could last six months each. A potentially odd thing I truly enjoy about them? Spring (and fall) cleaning.

In the winter, it's too cold and miserable to make myself have much get up and go about deep cleaning and clearing out; in the summer, it's too hot. I also find that we tend to accrue a lot of things in the winter and summer: replacement inner tubes, decorations, beach towels, blankets... So in these not-so-uncomfortable days, we desperately need to take some time to refresh. One thing that needs to happen that you may not always think about? Cleaning your picture frames!

Frames and their glazing (glass or acrylic layer) tend to collect dust, grime, and even fingerprints throughout the year. I recommend having the following on hand:

Watercolor Painting Picture Frame Spring Cleaning1 Anna Kay Artworks
  • Microfiber cloth (Never use a paper towel, especially on acrylic glazing!)
  • Warm water
  • Gentle dish soap (If you have acrylic glazing, make sure your cleaner has no alcohol or ammonia in it, as this could cause the acrylic to become clouded or damaged.)
  • Optional: Glass or acrylic cleaner (I like that this brand is 100% non-toxic - always looking to keep the house safe for pups and people!)

Step One:

Watercolor Painting Picture Frame Spring Cleaning2 Anna Kay Artworks

Take the frame off the wall! Nothing would be worse than accidentally putting too much pressure on it and tearing it out of the wall, or having the frame crash to the floor!

Step Two:

Watercolor Painting Picture Frame Spring Cleaning3 Anna Kay Artworks

Run the microfiber cloth all over the frame, paying particular attention to the top edges where dust tends to settle.

Step Three:

Watercolor Painting Picture Frame Spring Cleaning4 Anna Kay Artworks

Change your artwork! Trade out pieces with a more wintry or hygge feel for something bright, warm, and, well, springy! Art makes a huge difference in the mood of your home, and you want to be ready to greet spring with wide open arms. I'm changing out my sweet little partridge for something a little more vibrant (maybe something like your favorite flower?).

Step Four:

Watercolor Painting Picture Frame Spring Cleaning5 Anna Kay Artworks
Watercolor Painting Picture Frame Spring Cleaning7 Anna Kay Artworks

Dip a non-dusty spot of your cloth into the warm soapy water. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible; extra liquid could run down into the frame and possibly get on your matting or art! Give the glazing a good (but gentle) rubdown with the damp cloth, then go back over it with a dry corner and dry thoroughly.

Step Five (optional):

If you really wanna see that frame at peak performance, spritz a little bit of glass or acrylic polish on a clean section of your microfiber cloth and gently rub over the glazing in circles. This not only puts a little shine in its step, but also helps prevent grime from gathering so it stays clean a nice long time!

Now hang that puppy back up on the wall and admire your sparkly handiwork!

Watercolor Painting Picture Frame Spring Cleaning6 Anna Kay Artworks

If you start to notice any yellowing or discoloration on your matting or artwork inside a frame, it could be that it hasn't been properly protected. It's so important to get acid-free matting to prevent discoloration. (The frames that I use for my prints have acid-free matting!)

Check back in two weeks for more Spring Cleaning tips! (Got something special up my sleeve for next week!) What are some things you look forward to getting done as part of your Spring Cleaning?