Introducing: Southern Flowers Prints and Stationery!

Southern Flowers Floral Watercolor Frame Print Stationery Anna Kay Artworks.png

After teasing it for far too long (see Instagram), I am beyond excited to share the entire first installment of my new on-going collection: Southern Flowers! These four blooms, available as framed prints and as fold-over stationery cards, signify early spring in the South. All of them tend to bloom in late winter and early spring, and I'm pleased as punch that our spring has come a little earlier this year - meaning that we've already seen quite a few of these beauties!

Camellias are one of my favorites, shining like little beacons of sunlight when the days are just barely starting to warm up. Not only is the camellia the state flower of Alabama, its leaves also contribute to one of the South's finest creations: sweet tea! Yep, camellia leaves are tea leaves! So the next time you see one of these lovely things, be sure to give it a little extra appreciation.

Dogwoods have such precious significance, usually blooming around Easter to remind us of the new life we have because of the Risen Savior. It's always such a joy to see the white blooms matching all the ladies in their white Easter dresses! The dogwood is also the state flower for North Carolina and Virginia.

Y'all know that my family and I are originally from the great state of Texas, and one of the most beautiful sights is driving through flat country with fields of bright bluebonnets on either side (thank you, Lady Bird Johnson!). It's almost as much a symbol of Texas as the Lone Star!

Finally there's the stately Southern Magnolia, the ultimate icon of the South. The magnolia is actually an ancient flower that grows all over the world, but this particular kind loves the warm humidity of the Southeastern US. It's the state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana, where it grows in abundance. The flowers bloom on and off from February through June, but the orange and green leaves make for gorgeous decor all year round. 

I'll be introducing new installments of the collection throughout the year, including more Southern state flowers - so if you don't see yours yet, don't you worry! I'd love to know, though: do you have a signature flower? (I hope you read that in Shelby's voice!)