My Favorite Date


Hal and I started dating in December of 2013, so this will be our fifth Valentine's Day together. We love getting gussied up and going out for a fancy dinner! It gives us a chance to try a restaurant that's been on our list for awhile. But for every other week of the year that isn't a holiday or birthday, we go on more casual weekly date nights, and I promise you I look forward to it all week long. It's good for the soul to get out of the house on a regular basis and have conversations about life in some way and somewhere other than the same-old same-old. Plus, he's good-lookin' and makes me laugh! He's kind of a catch. ;) We block out the whole evening so that after dinner we can come home to watch a movie or a few episodes of the latest binge-worthy show together. Or sometimes we just pour a little glass of something a talk until the wee hours. It's easy to fall into the rut of saying little more than "Hey, babe" and "Did you run the dishwasher?" during the week. Date Night is our chance to catch up on matters of the heart and to remind each other that we are our favorite dates.

I hope you get the chance to celebrate both this week and every week after! Happy Valentine's Day, darlins!