Apple Watercolor (Wet-on-Wet)


Took a few minutes this weekend (okay, more than a few!) to paint some apples from our apple picking adventure! Here's the side-by-side:


These beautiful apples provided a great opportunity not only to paint something I love (any other apple lovers out there?), but also to play with the wet-on-wet watercolor technique! I put the bright red down first, then laid the burgundy on while the red was still wet. This allowed the colors to blend and mesh, making a more natural-looking color gradient than you might get placing two dry colors together. It took a few layers to get the blend and the saturation to the level I wanted; since water is used to lighten watercolors, using wet-on-wet can take some of the color out of the piece you're working on. A few coats of paint - and a couple of chances to reheat my tea - and that pretty blend finally came together!


One last close-up! What do you think? Are you a fan?

p.s. If you missed the blog post about our family apple picking trip, you can check it out here!