Hi, there!

I'm Anna Kay. Right now I'm probably sipping hot tea (or red wine!), watching mystery shows, and cuddling with my Mini Aussie Rory and hunky hubs Hal. Aside from loving to create, I'm mostly known for my enthusiastic but terrible dance moves and my longstanding obsession with all things Tolkien. People have often said I'm nerdy, but that always reminds me of a quote by John Green: "Nerds are allowed to be unironincally enthusiastic about stuff!" It's one of the greatest joys to serve others by bringing that "unironic enthusiasm" to everyone I meet and hopefully encouraging them to delight in life's details. 

I paint and draw for kindred spirits who are totally into celebrating life's milestones by treasuring them in a painting. It is SUCH a blessing to be able to give the gift of cherished moments turned into family heirlooms. Some of my portrait work has been seen on Style Me Pretty Livingand watching each person open their surprise portrait was one of the highlights of my life!

When I'm not creating custom pieces or new art prints, I'll most likely be indulging in late-night baking, begging my husband to go on another walk/adventure, or belting out every song on Queen's Greatest Hits album (with aforementioned awful dance moves, naturally). Oh, I'm also crazy for Jane Austen and Charlotte BrontΓ«, so their books and the film adaptations are in constant rotation.

Made it through all that? You're a champ! Let's connect so I can hear more about YOU!

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