Hey, y’all! I’m Anna Kay, watercolor artist working out of Atlanta, Georgia.

If we could hang out in person, I’d probably suggest a coffee shop and order whatever the special/seasonal drink is. And a pastry. Or two. Cos life is short, ya know? And then we could talk about anything under the sun: upcoming weddings, fur baby antics, new baking recipes (and how one of the proudest days of my life was rolling up my first Swiss Roll), cool places to travel, or the trade secrets to keeping indoor plants alive.

But right now I’m probably sitting at my drafting desk with my mini Aussie baby, Rory, keeping my feet warm and cup of tea to sip on (hopefully my favorite - Harney & Sons’ “Paris”). There’s probably paint on my hands and sleeves from where I absent-mindedly wiped my brush. And I’m probably daydreaming about where this painting will hang and how the owners of it will tell their children what it meant, and their grandchildren will grow up having the story told to them, and one day they’ll pass it on to future generations. (Can you tell I have a degree in History?)

When I’m not painting slash inventing imaginary legacies, you can find me exploring the world with my handsome husband and ever-patient cheerleader, Hal. I’m also an avid reader (shoutout to Agatha Christie), an intrepid drop-cookie baker, and a closet fashion-blogger-wannabe. Finally, to quote one of the greats: “I must have flowers, always and always.” (Claude Monet)


What memory can I preserve for your family today?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Holler at me!

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