Hey, there!

Chances are if you’ve found yourself here, you’re a bit of an adventurer (or you know one!). In fact, you probably delight in all the awesome details of the world around you and relish in your experiences wholeheartedly. On top of that, you appreciate having those memories captured (even if you were too in-the-moment to snap a photo). If that sounds like you: hi, I’m Anna Kay. We’re gonna be buddies.

Here at AKA, I commemorate the wide range of life’s adventures with a painting, a family heirloom for you and your loved ones to treasure. One of the cool things about paintings is that they don’t necessarily have to stick to what was photographed. Got a picture of the view from that mountaintop, but not of yourself on it? Was there a rainbow over your oceanside wedding ceremony but the cameras didn’t quite whip out in time? Or maybe you’ve just always believed you belong in Paris on a patio eating croissants, despite never having been? (Same.) Boom: painting. Check out my Adventures of a Curly Redhead series for example; I took or used pictures of a location and added in the gal afterwards. (You can also see some of my portrait work on Style Me Pretty Living.)

Yep, I’m a traveler too. My love affair with experiencing new places probably directly resulted from the fact that my family moved 13 times by the time I was 10 years old. I’m also an avid reader and at a young age discovered a lifetime interest in being somewhere (or somewhen - history major!) else. Now, I live in Atlanta with my hunky hubs Hal and our Mini Aussie fur baby Rory. We’re blessed to live near one of the busiest airports in the world and not too far a drive from mountains, lakes, and oceans, so the adventurous spirit has only continued to grow.

So grab a cup of hot tea, your Bean boots, and your fleece sweatshirt and adventure on. Oh, and if you want to learn more about our personal adventures or tips & tricks for travelers and artists, hop on over to the blog. Cheers!

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